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Translation and Localisation Centre


The Translation and Localisation Centre is a subdivision of EGO Translating Company specialising in translation of any type of documents, as well as localisation of software, websites, computer games, etc.

The centre has accumulated a wealth of resources and technology to ensure high-quality translation services for its clients. We apply a project-based approach to each separate assignment and engage different experts, ranging from translators, proofreaders, editors to DTP specialists and project managers.

In order to provide clients with top quality translations, we use cutting-edge technology and software, e.g. CAT-tools (translation memory and terminology management systems), publishing systems and graphics editors, CAD systems, OCR software products and more.

The centre currently offers the following services:


  • of operational, project, technical, regulatory, financial, marketing, and scientific documentation;
  • of tender proposals and legal documentation.

DTP and graphic design

Localisation, copywriting and transcreaton

  • Localisation of software, websites, help files and documentation;
  • Copywriting and transcreation of marketing and other creative texts

    Other services

  • Compilation of glossaries to ensure consistent terminology;
  • Creating translation memories, i.e. parallel text databases for leveraging repetitive corpora;
  • Editing by an industry expert / native speaker;
  • Expert review of translation;
  • Printing, publishing, binding;
  • Translation of audio/video materials;
  • Certification with the company stamp.

Translation is one of EGO Translating Company’s core areas of activity. The company translates 100,000,000 words annually — currently the highest performance indicator in Russian translation and localisation industry. Today, we have the capacity to handle the largest and most demanding projects, ensuring timely provision of high-quality translations at all project stages.

EGO Translating Company has a dedicated subdivision handling classified documentation, a dedicated in-house Classified Records Department which has been certified for compliance with the requirements of the Federal Security Service and the Federal Service for Technical and Expert Control. This allows us to provide services associated with translation of restricted documents up to the 1st confidentiality level.

Our capabilities:

  • Over 1,500 projects in more than 50 industries;
  • Over 2,000 in-house and freelance linguists;
  • Handling both small-volume and long-term large projects simultaneously;
  • Services available 24/7;
  • All European and rare languages, translation of dialects;
  • Providing translation quality level meeting every client's needs.