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Our Experience

Our professional experience speaks for itself. EGO Translating Company today is proud of:
• Over 2,000 large-scale projects in more than 50 industries;
• Over 350 industry-specific glossaries in different languages and for various subject areas;
• Proprietary training programmes designed on the basis of industry-specific documentation we translate;
• State-of-the-art project management and quality assurance technologies;
• Thousands of satisfied clients, hundreds of testimonial letters, recognition on the national and global level.

From the very beginning our company has strived to make use of the knowledge it acquires in its everyday work. Implementation of a Quality Management System enabled us to streamline our accumulated experience and develop a comprehensive approach to managing information. Thanks to these efforts, the company has a unique pool of dedicated experts at its disposal. When a new project is launched, we can almost always offer the project team our own glossaries and reference materials.

EGO Translating Company is a recognised leader in a number of industries. We are the only company engaged in all of the Russian linguistic projects in the sphere of high-speed rail transport. We helped localise production at virtually all of the automobile assembly plants in our country. We took part in projects for the construction and upgrade of more than 25 energy infrastructure facilities.

Our linguistic support contributed to staging hundreds of international forums and conferences, including such significant events as the G20 Summit, the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum, INNOPROM, sports events in the wake of preparation for the Olympic Games in Sochi and the FIFA World Cup, as well as official visits of heads of state.