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Translation of Corporate Documents

For participants in foreign economic activities, appropriately formalised and translated official documents that confirm both parties’ intentions are especially important. In the majority of cases, correctly drawn-up documents in a foreign language predetermine conclusion of a deal or further efficiency of interactions with foreign partners.

EGO Translating Company has extensive experience in working with legal entities and offers an array of solutions tailored to ensure growth and development of your business. We provide comprehensive linguistic support aimed at fulfilling your business targets:

Translation and legalisation of business, customs, and financial documentation associated with conducting of foreign economic activities.

EGO Translating Company is staffed with a team of experts in the field of document translation for those involved with foreign economic activities. We translate the following documents:
• Contracts
• Invoices
• Bills and accounts
• Goods consignment notes
• Customs declarations
• Certificates
• Licences
• Quarantine, hygienic and veterinary certificates

Translation of documents for tax authorities.
• Foreign bank account statements
• Invoices

Translation of charter and financial documentation for interaction with foreign holding companies, subsidiaries and international partners, as well as for raising loans with foreign banks.
• Accounting balance sheets
• Annual reports
• Auditor’s reports
• Bank statements
• Charters

Translation and legalisation of a document package for the establishment of representative offices within foreign jurisdictions; individual consultation concerning document formalisation.

Translation, notarial certification, and legalisation of documents related to purchase or rent of real estate abroad.

Translation and legalisation of documents for conducting of court proceedings within foreign jurisdictions.
• Court rulings
• Contracts
• Powers of attorney
• Judicial texts
• Minutes
• Reclamations and claims

EGO Translating Company's highly-qualified translators work with 88 foreign languages. We translate into both the most popular languages - such as English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and Arabic - and into the rarest ones. If necessary, you may order urgent translation of documents of any volume. We pursue a flexible pricing policy and have a loyalty programme for regular clients.

Not every language service provider is able to offer a convenient scheme for servicing business entities. Along with high-quality translation of documents, we also provide our clients additional services to ensure a comfortable experience. These include:
• Individual consultations
• Order acceptance via email
• Courier delivery

Our advantages

Advantages of cooperation with EGO Translating Company include:
• Consultations with expert managers and order acceptance on a seven-days-a-week basis;
• An invariably profitable combination of cost, timescale and quality of services;
• Solution of even the most non-standard tasks;
• One-year warranty for each translation;
• Strict confidentiality.

Some facts from our many years' experience of cooperation with corporate clients:
• We have translated documents relating to the establishment of representative offices for Russian companies in China, UAE, Palestine, Iraq, Germany, UK, Turkey and Egypt;
• Our experts have translated more than 600 sets of tender documentation;
• Relying on linguistic support from EGO Translating Company, our clients have won over 100 lawsuits in such counties as Brazil, Italy, UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, and Belgium.