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Lease of Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

EGO Translating Company offers tailored solutions to event organisers, also including lease of equipment for simultaneous interpreting

Any event on a global scale that requires the use of simultaneous interpreting will necessarily entail dedicated maintenance services.

EGO Translating Company offers tailored solutions to event organisers, including interpreting services as well as lease of equipment for simultaneous interpreting.

Simultaneous interpreting equipment includes a simultaneous interpreting system, booths, interpreters’ headsets, sound amplification systems, receiving sets for event participants, a conference system. Conference venues are commonly outfitted with their own sound amplification systems.

Simultaneous interpretation equipment for every occasion

Receivers are tuned to a number of channels corresponding to the number of target languages. User-friendly interface of the receivers allows each participant to easily locate a channel transmitting interpreting to his/her mother tongue.

There are two types of equipment for simultaneous interpreting, namely, digital and radio equipment. The most popular digital equipment is Bosch. The advantage of this simultaneous interpreting system is good quality of signal and sound transmission. Radio systems include equipment operating on radio frequencies, which, unlike digital equipment, allows signal transmission in open and large venues. An example is the IntelRG multi-channel system.

EGO Translating Company provides linguistic support services for any events (e.g. guided tours) which require the use of special sightseeing and museum equipment. Such equipment combines a transmitter unit with a microphone for the guide, and receiver sets with earphones for tour participants.

Only the best professionals work for you

Our specialists also provide event-related maintenance services, including installation and removal of simultaneous interpreting equipment. A representative of EGO Translating Company will perform an obligatory test of the equipment and check sound/signal quality so that the organiser can trust him/her to take care of creating comfortable communication conditions for the event participants. Furthermore, we are capable of providing personnel to distribute and collect the receiver and earphone sets.

Our advantages

Advantages of cooperation with EGO Translating Company in comparison with other language service providers include:

  • Promptness. Our team promptly solves assigned tasks and finds ways out of non-routine situations;
  • Quality. We only offer cutting edge and high-quality equipment in order to make the perception of interpreting as comfortable as possible;
  • The capability to providing equipment at any location in Russia at short notice.

Cost of equipment leasing services varies according to the number of event participants, venue, availability of sound amplification, size of premises. Our managers are always ready to provide professional consultation and select equipment that matches your needs.