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Interpreting Services

High-quality interpreting services — meeting international standards

Every day, interpreting services help people of different nationalities and cultures from across the world to transact, communicate, share experience and learn to operate various kinds of equipment.

EGO Translating Company has gained recognition as an expert in providing interpreting services. Not only will our specialists help you select a professional interpreter for your event, they will also provide a range of services to tackle the tasks associated with linguistic support of the project.

EGO Translating Company’s interpreting services involve:

  • Reliable and high-quality linguistic support for any kind of event;
  • Prompt interaction with clients all over Russia;
  • Comfortable conditions for communication between industry representatives from different countries;
  • Provision of a full range of linguistic services.

EGO Translating Company has a unique resource base at its disposal, takes into account specific needs of many industries, uses glossaries that have been compiled over many years, and works with 88 languages. That is why many companies trust us with complex projects, including those requiring technical interpreting.

Interpreting services

Our interpreting services involve:

  • Simultaneous interpreting at congresses and exhibitions;
  • Consecutive interpreting at business negotiations;
  • Linguistic support of business trips abroad and for foreign delegations visiting Russia;
  • Providing licensed guide interpreters;
  • Interpreting during educational training events;
  • Interpreting during commissioning and start-up works;
  • Interpreting services during telephone negotiations, video- and teleconferences;
  • Interpreting during contract signings, document drafting and court sessions;
  • Interpreting and synchronising of films, video and audio materials;
  • Leasing and maintaining special-purpose equipment for simultaneous interpreting;
  • Conference management services at congresses and exhibitions.

The cost of interpreting depends on different languages and specific requirements of an event. Today, English and German are the most in-demand languages — therefore the price of simultaneous interpreting from these languages is lower compared to that of, for example, Japanese or Chinese. For a preliminary quotation of your order please contact our staff member.