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Preparation of a Curriculum Vitae (CV) according to European standards

If you are seeking a job with an international company, we will help you compile and translate your CV in compliance with all applicable European rules and standards. The basic differences between a CV compliant with European standards and a Russian CV lie in stylistics, formatting and the approach to structuring information. EGO Translating Company's experts have the necessary knowledge and experience to create and translate a CV for a foreign employer.

You only need to provide information about yourself and your work experience in any form, and we will prepare a CV for you that adheres to all applicable international requirements. Once you have approved the draft document, a professional translator will translate it and a native speaker will carry out a final edit.
As a result, you will obtain an ideal CV and achieve your desired goals.

Please note! We have a special pricing offer for translation of a Curriculum Vitae into the English, Italian, Spanish, German, and French languages! For details, call: 8 800 100 2210 or St. Petersburg telephone: +7 (812) 244 2210.

Our advantages

Advantages of cooperation with EGO Translating Company include:
• Consultations with expert managers and order acceptance on a seven-days-a-week basis;
• An invariably profitable combination of cost, timescale, and quality of services;
• Solution of even the most non-standard tasks;
• One-year warranty for each translation;
• Strict confidentiality.