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Corporate foreign language training

It is common knowledge that employees of multinational companies who have command of a foreign language show better results when conducting negotiations and seeking compromises.

Employers of the world's leading companies pay attention to their personnel’s foreign language training. It is no secret that those employees of multinational companies who can speak English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese and/or other languages, are sensitive to other cultures, interact more efficiently with their colleagues and show better results when conducting negotiations and seeking compromises. Taking into account these particularities of international business, multinational companies increasingly look to arrange corporate language training for their staff.

Pursuing a comprehensive approach, EGO Translating Company - along with its interpreting and translation services - organises corporate training for employees of the largest companies using of state-of-art programmes.

Products and technology

Our products:
• Foreign language training with the use of industry-specific glossaries
• Training on cross-cultural adaptation and communication - conducted through a Masters in Arts from the University of Northern Iowa and the University of Southern Illinois.
• Business training in foreign languages.
• Organisation of a linguistic audit with issuance of a certificate from EGO Translating University.
• Preparation and conduct of a linguistic audit with issuance of international foreign language certificates.
• Further training for translators, interpreters and teachers.

Our company has created and regularly upgraded approximately 350 glossaries in different languages and domains such as energy industry, oil and gas, finances, law, automotive industry and metallurgy.

Relying on more than 20 years' experience (350 industry-specific glossaries and a set of unique resources), cutting-edge technology and continuous quality control, we implement corporate training projects of any complexity.
Corporate foreign language training at EGO Translating University will help your employees acquire necessary skills and competencies, thus helping enhance your company's overall efficiency.

Our team’s coordinated approach guarantees that you will achieve the desired results.

Our projects

Project implementation stages:
EGO Translating Company has developed the following agenda for launching training projects:
1. Detailed determination of the client's needs regarding personnel’s foreign language training;
2. Personnel are given tests (conducted through a linguistic audit) and groups are formed;
3. Adjustment of a training programme and development of training materials with the use of industry-specific glossaries and special documents;
4. Compilation of monitoring and measuring materials in accordance with results projected upon completion of training;
5. Selection of a tutor who meets all stated requirements;
6. Implementation of a training project;
7. Ongoing control over training quality;
8. Analysis of training results, adjustment of content;
9. Repeated determination of the client's requirements in foreign language training of personnel (then the cycle closes).

Our projects:
EGO Translating University’s largest projects include training provided to staff members of companies such as Siemens, Gazprom Neft, Gazprom Neft Supply, Lenenergo, Visteon, Energolit, Dart Expo, Probusinessbank, Raiffeisenbank and Tupolev.