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Common Language of Global Trade


EGO Translating Company has become a corporate member of the business club of the St. Petersburg World Trade Centre.

Common Language of Global Trade

The creation of favourable conditions for the development and prosperity of business, and the establishment of partnership relations with representatives of the business community both in Russia and abroad — this is the mission of the WTC, dovetailing nicely with the core business of EGO Translating Company.

The St. Petersburg World Trade Centre is part of the global network of the world’s largest business centres within the World Trade Centre Association (WTCA). The WTCA is a non-commercial, non-political organisation with the status of global leader in the provision of services for international business, uniting more than 300 centres all over the world.

The main objectives of WTC St. Petersburg are providing support and assistance for regional and foreign companies in the development of their business, both within the territory of Russia and in any other country of the world – including the creation of conditions for the establishment of business connections. The purpose of EGO Translating Company’s entry into the business club is to assist in the creation of Russia’s image as a reliable business partner for other countries. Our company’s experts have held many workshops and attended various events relating to the development of international business, including certain issues related to Russia's accession to the WTO. We offer a comprehensive range of services to club members, including translation services that make it possible for you to speak "the same language" as a business partner, corporate-training services, and corporate consulting services – both on issues of document legalisation in other countries and issues of intercultural communication.

Recognising the need to stay abreast of unfolding business developments, share experiences and gain new information, EGO Translating Company regularly participates in club events. The first and one of the most important events of this year is the WTC meeting within the Eurasian Event Forum, which will take place on January 22, 2014 in St. Petersburg.

The Eurasian Event Forum is taking place in St. Petersburg for the third time. Last year, the WTC meeting was held in closed format; in 2014, organisers decided to change the concept of the meeting and arrange it for all Forum participants. This year, participants will continue discussing the development of international trade based on WTO principles, including a summary of last year’s results, as well as the hosting of, and Russian WTC participation in, the 45th General Assembly of the World Trade Centre Association in Bucharest on April 25-30, 2014. The meeting will be attended by regional WTC representatives from such cities as Ekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, etc.