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EGO Translating joins the top-5 biggest translation companies according to 2015 results


For five years now, the independent information resource has been publishing ratings of translation companies.

The resource has developed a survey algorithm, based on whose results the list of the best translation companies in the Russian Federation is generated, putting information on the annual turnover of translation companies, specialization data, project-supervision methods and process technologies at the consumers’ disposal. This data is used to compile the ratings, which highlight the advantages offered by various companies and illustrate the major features of the translation services market. According to 2015 results, EGO Translating Company occupies 4th place in the Russian national rating and 1st place in its local St. Petersburg counterpart.

The authors of the rating report that the year 2015 brought many changes to the translation market. First and foremost, it has impacted companies with a high level of earnings denominated in foreign currency. Due to currency fluctuations, many organizations have experienced a turnover increase of more than 30%. Good results have also been posted by translation services providers for the defense industry. According to the researchers, it’s an industry whose stock is growing against the backdrop of the current geopolitical situation.

EGO Translating Company has been ranked at the very top of the best translation companies for the past five years. Due to its continuous development and improvement of translation technologies for the implementation of projects in key sectors of the Russian economy, EGO Translating Company has proven to be a reliable provider of translation services.

Based on the results of the survey, there has been an increase in the total turnover of project participants. The number of translations delivered by Russian companies continues to grow, despite the 2015 decline in GDP of 3.7%. EGO Translating Company is growing, together with the translation market as a whole, while consistently maintaining a leading position.